Types of embroidered patch backings that one can use


When it comes to embroidered patches there are several options to choose from, as they are one of the best ways to create a good uniform look and also a good way to create brand awareness among customers. However, a patch is of no use if it cannot stick properly to the cloth it supposes to be sticking to. One can choose various backing techniques for sticking an embroidered patch like the adhesive backing, Velcro backing, iron-on backing, etc.

Some of the backing types used for the embroidered patches are mentioned below.

Iron-on backing

Iron on backings is a great way to stick the patch to the desired fabric very easily. All one needs to do is take the patch and then place a wet cloth over it so that the hot iron does not scald it. then one can press the iron over it for 5 to 8 seconds. This will make the patch stuck to the fabric, however, this is not a permanent fixing and one can only use this for a temporary basis.

Adhesive backing

These backing are great when one needs a quick fix without any permanence. The adhesive backings are one of the most convenient backing kind which can be pasted and removed when needed to any outfit or fabric of one’s choice. however, it is something that is not permanent and one can always change the patches from the outfit.

Velcro backing

Velcro is usually the most demanded backing type. One can find many high-quality service providers who can provide one with the best quality custom Velcro patches with hook and loop backing. One can use the hook option if one wants to change the patch now and then and if one does not want to change the patches then the soft sewing side of the double-sided connectors of the Velcro is highly effective.