Jewellery Trends for Spring 2021: Get Ahead of the Pack


If you are one of those people that wishes to see the end of 2020, you certainly are not alone, and the Coronavirus has seriously impacted every aspect of our lives, and the coming year holds the promise of a return to normal, which includes fashion and jewellery, of course. Here are a few items that will be seen in all the trendy places as we move into the spring of 2021.

  • Nose Rings – The trend for nose ring jewellery is still with us, and with online boutiques that focus on piercing jewellery, you have a wide choice of bold statement pieces and subtle studs. Septum rings are also popular, and with an online search, you can be viewing stunning nose rings at very affordable prices.
  • Chains with Bold Pendants – The chunky, bold look will be evident in all the top social venues, and catwalk models have already introduced this kind of jewellery in the current autumn 2020 catalogues. Gold plated chunk chains are statement pieces and with a suitable large pendant, you have an accessory that is also a feature, while vintage pendants are also a favourite
  • Art Deco – This bold geometric style goes perfectly with the current trend for colourful and striking looks, and Art Deco jewellery can be cheap replicas or the real thing (antique & vintage Art Deco can be found at the online antique dealer), the range of rich colours of emeralds, sapphires and rubies, are all great accessories that you can wear. This exciting period began at the end of WWI, when Paris was the host for a design exhibition, and the shift was to bold and flowing lines with rich colour, and this style is as popular today as it was back then.
  • Platinum & White Gold – The practicality combined with the non-tarnish look makes platinum the preferred metal for engagement and wedding rings, and white gold is the most popular metal for jewellery creation this year and there’s no reason for that to change in the coming 12 months.
  • Pearls – Once again, these milky white natural creations are at the forefront of fashion, just as they were last year, as it seems like pearls are here to stay. You could have a double pearl bracelet made by a good custom jeweller, which would be a stunning accessory for those social events.

All of the above will be very much in evidence as we move out of the year 2020 and hopefully, into a year when things can return to normal.