Five Awesome Ways to Make More Ethical Choices with Clothes


Making ethical fashion choices may be a bit daunting. You may think you need to stop enjoying fashion or stop buying new clothes. Or maybe you assume ethical fashion is about wearing clothes just made from hemp. Fortunately, many brands have committed to sustainable programs.

However, the truth is that you can make even just small changes to make an impact. Below are some tips to make more ethical choices with your clothes.

Donate Unwanted Clothes

A lot of stores accept unwanted clothes you may want to hand in. These brands will give your clothes new life whether by donating them to charity, turning the yarns into recycled cotton, or using parts to make something new. No matter how they will recycle your clothes, you can be sure they don’t end up in landfills.

Commit to Wearing New Clothes Many Times

If you are like other people, you might be guilty of impulse buying. But, if you want to commit to sustainable fashion, don’t buy new clothes you will not need. If you have to buy new ones, make sure to get the most of them by wearing them many times. Sometimes, even if you have worn the same clothes, you can look sophisticated each time by adding new best accessories. Most of your old clothes can still go with things you already have.

Shop for Clothes Affordably

A number of brands are looking to create beautiful clothes using just sustainable materials. Their collections can include organic silk jackets, high-neck blouses made with Tencel, and recycled polyester dresses. These choices usually come with affordable price tags.

Take Care of your Clothes

Ensuring your clothes last longer will minimize your need to purchase new ones. Consider switching to a 30-degree wash and hang your clothes out to dry instead of tumble drying them. Also, you can air clothes two times before you wash them. You can remove stains on fabrics like suede and leather by using vinegar which is a more eco-friendly option than going to a cleaner. Moreover, some clothes need to be hand-washed so make sure you follow instructions from the makers.

Stay Informed

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Choose a brand that is transparent about where their clothes come from. If not, you should ask questions such as where and how they are made and who make them. Asking the right questions and researching the shops you prefer to purchase from can go a long way in adopting a more sustainable fashion.